Reborn Recordings -- HD Remasters that are bad

I was just listening to Dave Brubeck - Live at Carnegie Hall, when I thought I’d see what versions are out there to stream. I found a couple of version of the album listed as “HQ Remastered” by Reborn Recordings. Listening to Castillan Drums, you can hear clear compression warble from the percussion during quieter passages, suggesting the origins of the music may even have been lossy versions.

Does anyone have any thoughts about these supposed “HQ Remasters” or this label?

I’ve always assumed that they are low quality garbage re-releases of out-of-copyright material.

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I often find going back to my original rip from the original CD is better than remasters or HD remasters

Everything depends on the original recording quality

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I think this label sometimes uses vinyl records as a source. As I am a fan of country music, “Reborn Recordingss” offers me some old country records that are not available anywhere else. I would prefer to listen to them in decent master tape (CD) quality from the original label. However, better low “HQ Remasters” than nothing at all. There are a lot of other labels that do the same thing as Reborn Recordings (taken most probably form vinyl records), but they mostly do this in simple CD quality.

They can do this because the music is so old it’s out of copywrite?
Luckily I don’t like music that old but what a cash grab.


Yes, the copyright for the recordings has expired (in the EU at least). I do not buy these recordings, I only stream them on Qobuz

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