Rebuild Focus Database

I recently found that I can search for music albums in particular formats (e.g. DSD) using Focus, which is very useful for me. However, Focus doesn’t show all of them - it misses several albums.

I think, this is related to the fact that I recently ran out of space and thus realtime scanning has failed (it took me a while to figure this out - I love the realtime scanning feature and it was very annoying when I had to manually scan the folders to make them show up). Now that I have space, realtime scanning came back, but Focus filter is not counting those that were added when realtime scanning was down. For example, there are many albums that show as DSD files but won’t show up in the focus filter by format.

So, is there a way to rebuild the focus database?

I believe there is no focus “database”. A Focus request is real-time in that when requested a new focus search is performed and displayed.

If its a filter why would it not show those files in the result? Anyhow, regardless of that, any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Hello - I had the same issue. It was because my system was set not to show duplicates, so only the primary result was been reported by Focus. If you tell Roon not to hide duplicates, then all will be well.

Wow, that solved my problem. You made my day. Thanks!!