Recent Activity - is it supposed to be visible in Roon Remote?

I’ve just installed the latest build and while I can see the “Recent Activity” section on my core machine, I can’t see it anywhere on my Roon Remote app. Is that right?

What remote and is it on 571 release too?

Ah, it is the iPad Roon Remote. I went to the App Store and updated it, and now I see the Recent Activity. I was confused because my Apps are set to update automatically, there was no sign of a pending update, and I initiated the update to 571 from my iPad so would expected that the iPad would update too if it needed to. All sorted now. Thanks.

Mine hasn’t auto updated either , i’ll reload later , iPad Mini

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Same here. Had to “force load” it.

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Its still the old build in my App Store s far . We are often behind the times :sunglasses:

South of the Equator !!!

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