Recent Carlos Santana EP - MQA version gone from Tidal?

I have been playing Santana’s “In search of Mona Lisa” EP ever since it’s recent release on Tidal. In particular I’ve been listening to the MQA version of the EP and saved it in my library.

Unfortunately the MQA version of the EP seems to have disappeared from Tidal over the last couple of days or so ago. Although the MQA version no longer appears in the list of New Masters, it can still be found from my library or with a general search. However, if I attempt to play any tracks from the MQA version I get the message “This track is not currently available from Tidal” and “Too many failures - stopping playback”.

The 16bit versions still play ok.

Can anyone else confirm this?

I have the 16/44.1 version as my primary version. But I just tested the MQA version to help you out and yes, I see the same errors.

Thanks Sean.

In fact it’s a bit of a mess. I now see 4 versions of the EP and 2 of them won’t play including the one labelled MQA.

Neither of the others is labelled with a bit rate, but one of these is actually MQA and I have now saved it to my library in place of the original. There is nothing to indicate it is MQA, but when played it comes through as MQA.

I take it that this is more likely to be a Tidal issue rather than a Roon issue?

It plays fine in the Tidal desktop app for me. Strange one.

Let’s tag @joel

I would if I knew how.

It’s all good. I re-produced the same error in Roon, so there’s nothing wrong at your end.

Joel can have a look when he reads this thread.

Thanks Sean.

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There is another MQA version available not marked as MQA yet. I deleted the old version and added this one.

Yes - I’ve done the same. As I mentioned above, I can see 4 versions in Roon, two of which won’t play.

Hi everyone. We know that there are currently issues with TIDAL playability in Roon for some tracks. @brian made a couple of posts on Jan 20th (which I’ve linked to below) describing the situation, which is unchanged.

TIDAL does change regional streaming rights as it obtains and shuffles releases according to its licensing agreements; I see this a lot with singles/EPs in particular. However, as frustrating as this situation is, there is little to be gained from investigating every single TIDAL vs. Roon playback discrepancy when we already know that there is a significant overriding issue in this area. Unfortunately, the ball is currently in TIDAL’s court.

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I recon it’s the anti-MQA posse, hacked in to Tidal just for revenge :wink:

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That possibility hadn’t occurred to me - but now that you mention it?

As mentioned further up, there is an MQA version in Tidal that plays fine in the Tidal app… So it exists and hasn’t been removed from Tidal (for my Tidal US account).