Recent crashes and now dropouts on UniFi network

Hi @spockfish - I’ve been having a little trouble recently with one of my RoPieee endpoints running on an RPi 3b - it has previously been stable for a couple of years, first with Volumio and now RoPieee for about 6 months. It is connected to my network via a USB WiFi dongle and has a reserved IP via DHCP.

It started crashing last week - that is, whilst playing music it would stop, disappear from Roon and the web interface would become inaccessible. I updated it to latest build, 2.493 and it no longer crashes but I have started getting dropouts. The only possible external culprit I can think of is a recent firmware update to my Ubiquiti Unifi AC Pro AP. I can look at reverting this firmware but is there anything in the logs to suggest a different path - 8e53da74c9dee45c ?

Many thanks for any pointers. Anyone else having any issues with the 4.3.13 firmware on their Unifi devices?

Do you have your wifi radio’s disabled during the night?

So, during the night I see one continuous loop of trying to connect to the AP, but it fails.
Later on I see you are connected, but even then every few hours it is just being disconnected.

So something is not feeling ‘ok’ in your infrastructure.

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Thanks for such a quick reply, Harry - this sounds a bit similar to some of the reports on the Unifi forum, so I think I might downgrade firmware and try that. To save pestering you again, which logs are the best to check for this if I login via ssh?

I should say, to answer your specific question, no, nothing gets turned off at night (at least not intentionally!)

easiest way is running

journalctl -b

Lot’s of info, but if you search then for ‘wlan0’ you’ll find related messages.


Thanks for the pointers here, Harry. It does indeed appear to have been a firmware issue with the relevant AP.

I see these disconnects on 4.3.13 and 4.080 but not 4.0.66 (after overnight testing), in case that helps anyone else using Ubiquiti Unifi APs. Oddly it only affects 1 of the 2 similarly configured RPis. I suspect it has something to do with the new Unifi settings for “high performance devices”, but as my APs are standalone I’m not able to test this idea out (unless anyone out there knows how to disable this ‘feature’ through ssh).

You disable that feature on Unifi by using the controller software? Have you not got that running anywhere?. I had issues with the automatic mode it has and set it up manually . I also have two ssids one for 5ghz the other for 2.4 GHz so I choose which devices connect to try higher bandwidth connecting . It’s likely trying to force it to connect to 5ghz band as that’s it’s preferred band and failing for some reason. Found some pics very fussy about 5ghz channels.

No, as I said, they’re configured in standalone mode - if I need to do any odd tweaks I do so via ssh and editing the conf file in vi. In due course I’ll probably get a UDM and adopt them into that but when I first setup 1 AP a few years ago the controller seemed more hassle than useful - now I have 3 of them, generally working well, I don’t welcome the process of starting again!

That’s my hunch too, based on the forum posts - for some devices the new ‘performance improvements’ apparently try to force to 5GHz even when the device does not operate at such (in this case a 2.4GHz dongle).

The controller is essential for managing their router, two switches and two apps and allows you to turn off this rubbish feature. I am on latest firmware and no issues it was released a day or so ago. Never had issues with the controller works well and runs on the nas . Also it allows use of mobile app for some light weight configuration stuff which is handy.

I’ve had odd issues using passthru Poe on sw8 to ap ac mesh units and pro too…I also found a duplicate IP address on a tv that could have been wreaking havoc too @spockfish that was the soekris I pm’d you about the other day, but I have 5 aps and 6 switches in my network so more complex than most homes

EDIT/UPDATE this was tracked down to a duplicate fixed IP address in a TV that was conflicting with a RPi DHCP reservation.

Well, if I’m honest, I’d have preferred it if they didn’t default on this rubbish feature to start with :wink: Defaults should be safe…judging by the feedback on their forum I think one could argue that turning this on is not the safest option. Oh well, not the first time I’ve found myself frustrated by a Unifi firmware update…I was only after the improvements to fast roaming.

I am having issues on my network since the may upgrades. As I am typing this I am starting to downgrade the UniFi Security Gateway from 4.4.51 to 4.4.44. If this doesn’t help I will downgrade the firmware of the switches as well… I’m experiencing massive dropouts on my LAN infrastructure affecting every kind of streaming (Roon, Sonos, etc…)

Sorry to hear that, though this sounds like a different set of issues. If I was using the controller the first things I’d be disabling would be Auto-Optimize Network and High Performance Devices across APs, but I don’t have any experience with the USG or Unifi switches. Maybe a more experienced Unifi user here will be able to help…

Can someone from the @moderators team change the title of this topic? It’s about UniFi network problems and has basically nothing to do with RoPieee…


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Done. I left it for now in the category.

Odd on the latest here for my USG, US 8 switches and AC Pro and Lite Aps and not experiencing this.

Sorry for messing up the thread :confused:

I rolled back to previous firmware except on my US8 switch which is not accepting the rollback for whatever reason. I power-cycled all the units but the problem is still there. I’m loosing packets on my LAN. I will investigate further, change cables and disconnected devices for testing purposes.

I’m fully Unifi Router switches and AP on the latest stables and heavy ropieee user and NOW (see last post back up a bit) not having any issues. I do get quite a few retries on Wifi but that seems to be more indicative of the area as its happening on other devices in nearby locations that I also manage.

After some more hours I discovered that my NAS (QNAP TS-431) caused the issues on my network. It seems that the GE port on the NAS is faulty. When I disconnected the NAS there where no packet drops. As soon as I reconnected it, the packet drops came back.

In the end I disabled the faulty port and configured the 2nd port on the device. It’s all good now. I’ll upgrade the UniFi firmware again.

Thanks for @CrystalGipsy for the feedback and hints via PM.


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FWIW, in case anyone else has had the same issues, this seems to be fixed by 4.1.19 (RC).