Recent Roon implementation for Devialet Phantoms is limited to 24/96 kHz

I have installed the latest firmware of Devialet which is now Roon compatible with Devialet Phantom speakers - I own 3, two Premier Silver and one Reactor. The Phantom Premier and Reactor speakers I have a DAC supporting up to 24/192 kHz but somehow the implementation of Roon limits it to 24/96 kHz and offer also 24/48 kHz. It is certainly not bad but requires in some cases to downsample the inputs which can be 24/192 kHz when I stream Qobuz. Can you please give us the flexibility to choose? Is it something you need to do or is it on Devialet side?
Please advise, it is important to us Audiophiles.

Please reread the specification for your speakers as provided by Devialet on their website:

You can also follow the discussion over at Phantom Speakers waiting RAAT certification!.

You are correct regarding the just released Phantoms, that said the ones I have from the previous generation have a DAC supporting high-res audio files up to 24-bit/192kHz!

This has been quite a hot topic on the Devialet forums. Everyone using Roon and Devialet seems to have this limitation. As yet, Devialet has yet to clarify anything about what their real hardware specs are. Various possibilities speculated by Devialet users include:

  1. Even when the Phantom received a high res signal, it has always down-converted internally to 48k anyway
  2. Different versions (even of the same model) have different hardware and different limitations, ymmv
  3. 96k is the max because they don’t want to flood home networks, so it’s 48k max per Phantom
  4. This is something that can be addressed in a new firmware depending on your Phantom

All of this speculation comes simultaneously with the current firmware behaving badly for lots of people. The left speaker in a pair frequently goes dark, and requires reboot. This happens when changing sources or pausing music. Or just randomly. Nobody seems to know for sure, including Devialet support.

Given Devialet’s history, I anticipate they’ll work this out. But it’ll take a while.

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Old thread but seems to be as good a place as any.
Seems disappointing that Devialet have still not fixed this limitation…

Since your speaker DSP operates at 48kHz, the input limitation does not really matter.

Mathematically it’s much better to set Roon to resample the music to 48kHz first, so you’ll have one less resampling step, therefore less loss.

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