Recent update limits “Added” result

Previously in ROON my “View All” selection off the overview selection would allow me to go back through my entire library. With the new update “added” seems to be limited to 35 days. Is there a way to show a greater timeframe? I have a large library that is always being increased and seeing the most recent additions was a feature I used all the time when selecting music.

Recently Added is not limited by time but by number of entries I think so if you are adding new music all the time it will push the others off the stack. I do not know what the limit is for added music, but for recently played music, I push things off the stack all the time.

See here is a scrreen shot of a backup core I rarely use. See the date I circled verses the date in the top row, where I just added an album.

Hmmm…with the recent update the actual thumbnails are larger and I can only scan downward which stops at a certain point. Previously I would get more results on a single screen (iPad) but could swipe right indefinitely. This is now not the case. I have looked for particular toggles to expand bus cannot find them.

On my iPad, in View All - added - I get 98 albums (very strange), 24 rows of 4 and 1 row of 2.
That number remains constant, if I delete one of the latest added albums, there is add3d back to the end of the list.
In my case , the list goes back to 44 days, but I am conv8nced date has nothing to do with it.

I also checked on a Windows desktop. There I see 14 rows of 7 albums, resulting in a total of 98 albums again. Here I see full rows, probably explaining why the number of 98.

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The latest update changed Recently Added to Recent Activity with options for Played or Added. I do hope it get updated to use the Allow for more Covers and Photos toggle.

Recently Added - View all previous took you to the Library Albums view. I believe that is correct.

You can still view your entire library from Menu - Library - Albums. I think most or all the functionality is still there in the Album view.

In the Library Album view with Sort by Date Added it’s the same as the previous Recently Added View all.

Yes that is a way to see your entire library but I have 16k+ albums in my library and trying to find the most recent additions is not possible beyond the aforementioned 35 - 40 days… I too am limited at 98 titles listed.

In the Album Browser you can sort by Date Added. Would that do what you want?


Thank you so much! That is exactly what I want to do!

Glad that worked for you. :grinning:

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I added two versions of two different albums today but I have to go into Albums view to see them.

Am I incorrect, that previous builds showed these versions in Overview? (yes, I have sort by Recently Added selected).