Recognising a box set

I know I’m resurrecting the dead here but you did say @andybob :wink:

I have similar problem here:

I needed to edit the folder names for a couple of albums (specifically a boxset was not being detected as such and I needed to change the folder names within the boxset to CD01 … CD05.

I made the changes but 24 hours later they haven’t been picked up. I tried ‘album view’ > edit > ‘re-scan album’ as it seemed the logical choice and this didn’t do anything. I then arrived here. I will force a re-scan and see what happens.

@brian, you mentioned back in Oct '15 that there changes about to be implemented here. Did these happen or are they yet to launch?

FYI, as it looks like it’s pertinent, is that my audio files live on a NAS box.

Hi @crom,

A topic worthy of its own thread. There have been some changes to this since the parent thread, and there are more coming in 1.3.

For the moment, if you don’t mind changing the import date, I would move the album(s) out of your Watched folder, Clean-up the library and then move it back in. That should prompt Roon to look at the folder names. You could also add Disk numbers to file tags with an external editor.