Recognize and List Duplicate Songs in Playlists (when listing and also when adding)

Hi Roon

If I have a track already in an existing playlist and some time later I’m listening to that same track and re-add it to the SAME playlist (because I’m silly and forgotten it’s already in the playlist), instead of Roon re-displaying the little popup message ‘Added to playlist…’ can it instead display a little popup message ‘Already in playlist…’ - and not add a duplicate track.

I know I can filter and remove for duplicates manually.

I’m just lazy and sometimes silly with re-adding the same tracks to existing playlists :tired_face:

As always, greatly appreciated :hugs:


+1 for this excellent suggestion

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lol happens to me all the time… Perhaps the “little popup message” can ask what to do or offer a configurable default setting that will happen if no action is taken while the message is displayed.

This way it will cater everybody in this regards while not affecting the UX for those oblivious to the change.

In the meantime it is good that there is the “show only duplicates”… I just wish, like you, that this situation would be avoided ahead of my listening time with the playlist - hearing the same song again and having to skip, remove it or taking a mental note to remember removing it later - distract from the music…

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Excellent suggestion.


I would love this simple feature

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I would like to see the ability to list duplicate tracks in a playlist put back into 1.8, it was a feature I used in 1.7 to delete duplicate tracks.

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Yes please, this is a big miss

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I am also looking for something like this!

The ability to show playlists a track is already included in or some kind of pop-up warning a track is already in a playlist would be great!

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I like to organize my favorite songs into playlists. I’ll also frequently use the Radio feature to discover new music and sometimes add it to my playlists. Sometimes, I’ll hear a new song a couple of times on Radio and add it to a playlist twice accidentally. Roon offers no recognition or organization that allows you to view duplicates besides organizing tracks alphabetically and scrolling through manually. It would be great if Roon offered the same functionality both Tidal and Qobuz have on their own to see when you’re adding a duplicate and choose not to.

I agree with you…this issue is an annoyance, for sure. It seems to me that this kind of checking for duplicates is a basic function which should be implemented now.

Spotify even warns you that it would be a duplicate in the playlist before you add it.

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This should have more votes. Seems like a fairly easy feature to implement