Recommendation Tag / Album View / New Releases Feature / Overview Page

Hello, pls. find below some suggestion for an incremental increase in user friendlyness:

  1. How to get rid of the recommendation tags in the album view? Whoever set them has some reasons - but why in connection with my library? Suggest to implement a switch in the settings to apply the tag or not

  2. Your announced New releases feature would be perfect, even more than this, if also applied on the local library artist portfolio - I think I read that you do not want to be a music wikpedia - You know that you are much more/better than this - and wikipedia is not your benchmark. The new release function will just be the cherry on the cake for passionate music lovers, like your ratings, the recommendation, the lyrics, the pictures etc. Placed in a central to find position (ie. overview page) would be making a big difference in your SW

  3. On the artist/album overview page. Until 1.6 you had the album format right hand on the album cover in an easy to read transparent form, if there was a version comment it was placed on the right hand side as well transparent in an easy to read form in a separate line - Now with 1.7 the whole information moved to the left hand side and good that you have re-set the font type in build 505 back to normal. I suggest to have re-installed the two lines orignal format (album format and in a new line the version information) in a transparent box as before. Overall this looked much more professional and easy to allocate rather than having all the information in one/two continued lines

  4. Overview page: Have you have thought asking the many user of what they want to have placed on the overview page and take the best out of it? From my end there is a lot of room for improvement to design the perfect entry page. Just think of putting some elements of your excellent Focus feature on the front pageā€¦


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