Recommendations for thunderbolt 3 3.25" hard drive enclosure?

I’m looking for fanned enclosures that use Thunderbolt 3 connectivity to house a high capacity 3.5" hard drive which will be used for backup purposes.

Any suggestions gratefully received…google seems only to return advertising rather than decent results.

Look on … akitio is one but some are multi drive bay units this won’t work on ROCK and NUC unless you use Windows perhaps. Macs of course no issues.

I don’t use an enclosure, I use a “toaster”, or hard drive dock for that. Easy to switch between drives to have a rotating backup. I think the one I went with is Pluggable:

However, this might suit you. The site has a lot of enclosures, you should take a look.

Thanks chaps, I think I found what I’m after.

That is more of a DAS than a hard drive enclosure (which I always think of as a single drive).

I have a 4 bay stardom tb2 drive that can do several raid config but also looks like 4 individual drives. I used to put a 1tb ssd drive in one bay and raid 3 other spinning drives in the rest. Worked great for backups and cloning. Could even boot off it. Mac only limitations with the raid I think, but I never had a windows box with tb support to try.

It is, but I couldn’t find a 3.5" thunderbolt 3 enclosure

Frustrating that as soon as you look at a multi drive solution they assume you want raid.

Try It! You’ll Like It!! :smiley:

My lastest mobo is a keeper, I’ve been impressed!:

But, then again we are playing around in the area where a motherboard alone can cost as much as some of the NUCs people argue over. Heck, that Akitio enclosure is more expensive than some of these NUCs.