Recommended Broadband Speed

What is the recommended or minimum speed requirement for optimum performance when streamlining from local library on NAS & Tidal

Broadband will only effect Tidal not your Nas. As long as you have a steady connection with not too much latency 10mb would be fine.

For TIDAL Hi-Fi the recommended speed is around 1.5Mbps; TIDAL Premium is 320kbps (0.32Mbps.) Streaming doesn’t require much bandwidth, so most broadband packages will be fine. However, contention, latency and quality of service will have a bigger impact than the headline figures. Likewise, if you have a house full of teenagers streaming music and videos, playing games and goodness knows what else you’ll need to factor that in too.

Local streaming will be fine on 100Mb LAN or 2.4G Wi-Fi if configured correctly. If you’re installing a new home network use 1000Mb Ethernet and consider 5G. Always use a wired connection between Core and NAS.

Thanks guys.

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