Recommended FLAC CUE spliter application

I’ve many FLAC + CUE file album that is currently not supported by ROON. Can anyone advise what’s a good flac cue spliter I can use?

What operating system do you use? XLD will do this on OSX.

I’m on windows

Medieval Cue splitter works great.

Beware: Medieval CUE Splitter (PC) - v1.2
Known bug: MPC engine can cause a bit of jitter at the beginning/end of tracks.
Limitations: MD5 checksum is not calculated for generated FLAC files.

You’re better off using Foobar to do the job.

Thanks !! I’ll use foobar

Xrecode is the best software. It does munch more than that, including sacd iso conversion, flac encoding, .ape conversion, etc.

Thanks for that.Never knew there was an issue. Xrecode looks the go.

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