Recommended Internet Speeds

I’m not looking to find out what the minimum bandwidth or internet speed is. I’m looking to find out what the ideal speed would be. I have two zones and I live alone so my demand on speed is not outrageous. The only problem I have with Roon is page loading time is slow. I have a dedicated ROCK core and a Moon 680D DAC/streamer as an endpoint. It all works flawlessly except it’s a bit slow. Any positive input would be appreciated.

The typical data rate is very low, about 2Mb/s from my core to the streamer.
What i noticed is that data to the roon core spiked at 600Mb/s for a second or so.
Before i had a 1Gb connection the spikes where much lower because of the bandwidth limitations, i had a 30Mb/s ADSL download speed.

Could not hear a difference in sound quality though.

You do not need Gigabit networking speeds to run Roon, what you need is a stable network.
But the ideal speed would be; as fast as possible*.

  • the ideal speed is the speed that is necessary to run the services you want within the budget you have set.
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Also depends if you stream , audio or video

I use Roon, Tidal and Netflix on a 20 Mb / sec fibre line, whenever I do a speed check I get more like 13

I get dropout free audio and video on that. The rider is that only one zone of either audio or video is in use at a time . Me, wife and no kids simple set up.

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Thank you for the information. I use Tidal, Qobuz, Netflix, and a few other things. But because I live alone, it’s not often that two services are running at the same time.

Thank you. That’s not just informative but interesting.