Recommended NUCs not available anymore

Most non UEFI PCs will run rock. I use a series 4 NUC, with zero issues. Runs significant PEQ, crossovers etc for an active setup.

Worst case install Ubuntu/Roon server on NUC 11, until roon releases a new Rock UEFI version.

Genuine question, is there any advantage to running a Rock install over say a pieced together headless box running a Debian net install and regular Roon server?

ROCK is essentially an appliance. You set it up once, and then it manages and updates itself until you retire it. A Linux server running Roon is a server, which you have to manage in whatever way you choose (updates, etc). The main advantage to going that way is you can also run things other than Roon on it (like say HQPlayer, Plex, or anything else you wish). But of course that can also mean potential conflicts and dependencies.

It all comes down to what you want. I’ve been in IT infrastructure for a quarter-century now, so NOT having servers at home that I have to manage is a win for me. :slight_smile: I spent a couple hours building and configuring my ROCK, and now I basically never have to think about it again.


Fair enough.

I built my self a basic box out of spare parts etc, stuck Debian on it , Roon server, but as you point out some maintenance required.

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they are still easily available in Europe.

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Exactly. I bought a second hand NUC and installed ROCK as per instructions. Worked first time and has just worked without any attention ever since (couple of years or so). I’m a software engineer and feel the same way as you. I don’t want to be mucking about maintaining or fixing stuff when I’m not at work if I can avoid it.


A gentle reminder to those using NUC’s is to open them up and clean out the fan debris in the fan and the heatsink fins that will eventually clog up and kill/crash or throttle the NUC in time.
ultimately move the internals to a fanless NUC chassis for your model. AKASA make some as do HDPlex

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An additional bit of advice. Look for a silent case that provides for heat dissipation of the M.2 card. If your case doesn’t do this, consider a third party heat sink if it will fit. The three different Akasa Plato cases I’ve been exposed to all included M.2 cooling. The case I have that didn’t have cooling had an M.2 failure that characterised it self as needing more and more frequent reboots until if failed completely.

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got this back in February of this year…running like a charm. Install a little glitchy till I got the bios sorted out.

This is all well and good, but the bottom line is, Rock 2.0 (with UEFI support) is kinda over due, and the recommended NUC list needs a reality check. I’m sure the team is hard at it (after art director) :slight_smile:


I have this same mini pc but am unable to boot it from my usb drive with rock on it. How did you solve the bios issues you mention? Greatly appreciate any help!

reboot computer, hold down delete key to enter bios, go to boot tab, click boot type, change to legacy boot type, then still in boot tab note selection called legacy enter that and move usb to top of list using f5/f6 keys.
save and exit–should boot from usb key and install roon system on hard drive.

Thanks for the help!