Recommended settings SOtM sMS to T+A DAC 8 DSD

I have Roon running on a Mac with Mojave (10.4.2) over ethernet to SOtM sMS 200 (bridge) and USB to a T+A DAC 8 DSD. Does anyone have a set of recommended settings for this and/or other tips for optimizing the signal path?

The 200 is roon tested so I think the settings will be on by default.

I used to have an SMS-200. If it discovered your DAC, then the only other specification I remember is that you have to specify fixed volume.

Hi, thank you both for responding!
Both the T+A and the 200 are indeed Roon tested, but – it would appear – not in the same signal path. The T+A comes across with the correct device name, but is still characterized as “unrecognized”. Hence, I believe that any suggested settings may not be ideal/optimized.

As I understand it, there is a difference between Roon tested and unrecognized.

Roon tested means the device has been tested by Roon and found to be compatible.

Unrecognized simply means that the device is not is Roon’s database and so can not be automatically configured. It doesn’t mean, as many people have supposed, that the device is in any ‘crippled’.

So, it’s quite possible for a device to be both Roon tested and unrecognized, without any contradiction. In fact, those two states are probably the norm for most devices.

Determining a device name is another thing all together.