Recommended Settings with MicroRendu and Audio GD NOS

I am not too knowledgeable with all of the different settings in Roon. If I have a MicroRendu usb to a Audio GD nos dac can you suggest the best settings for my system?

What sort of machine is the core on? I think you will need to list your kit and how it is all interconnected.

The Roon core is on a windows 10 i5 computer that is hard wired to the router as is the microrendu. I am currently using Roon strictly with Tidal. I use a samsung pad with Roon remote to control Tidal. Is there any other info that would help?

Right now I would concentrate on making it work at best quality with no DSP in place. Use it for a while to ensure it is stable. If you are happy with it then try up sampling to DSD, to see how you feel about the impact. You need to familiarise yourself with the audio settings and see what is there.

I have been using no DSP for almost a year and I am happy with the sound but I am always curious if it can be improved upon. How exactly would I experiment with DSP?

I am not in front of mine so I can’t talk you through it step by step. But as a start I would go in to your audio settings, DSP, and look at the up sampling options. See if your DAC can handle DSD, if so upsample to that and see how it sounds. If someone is in front of their setup they can give you specific steps.

Thanks will do when I get home.

Taking a quick look at the Audio-gd website, it doesn’t seem like any of their current NOS DACs support DSD. I would definitely try upsampling to the maximum input PCM rate and bit depth your DAC will accept. NOS DACs should benefit from this, but whether you prefer the results of the upsampled input is, of course, your decision.

Whether you use a linear- or minimum-phase filter is also up to you. Personally, I like minimum phase for small groups and linear phase for large ensembles (orchestras, big bands). You should just try the different filters available in Roon with different types of music and see which you like best.

So if my dac is capable of 32 bit 384k I can go to those settings and then try the linear and minimum phase filters? Can you tell me where those settings are? Thanks Steve

In Roon, Settings -> Audio, and then click/touch the gear icon next to your microRendu, I think. You may also need to change some mR settings via the microRendu’s Web interface.

With luck, someone who has a setup close to yours will chime in. Mine’s a little too different for me to be much more specific, but you should/might see a “DSP Engine” item in the “gear” menu, and that’s where you’d set your upsampling/filtering choices.

There’s a lot of info here.

Thanks David