Record Label not shown in Album view

First: Sorry if this has been asked before or it is in the wrong category.

Problem: The Record Label is not shown in Album view (or I can‘t find it)

I expect it to show up in the red marked part of the Album page

When in Detail view, you can click on the cog wheel to get some options to be shown, but the Info „Label“ is not present.

Please tell me to how find the record Label info.
If there isn‘t: this can be moved into „suggestions“. As I want to click on the label and Roon shows me other records of that label.

Kind Thanks.

I assume the developers at Roon decided this wasn’t very crucial information so they hid it in an awkward to access place. In album view click on Credits (instead of Tracks) and scroll all the way down and there it is. I don’t think there is a way to make it more accessible.


Thanks, that‘s well hidden!
At least, I can click on it, to see other records.
However this only works for albums in my library.
I wanted to use it to discover new music in Tidal/Qobuz from labels I seem to enjoy, so I wished this would include their catalogue as well.

Omg! Thanks for posting this, Stan (back in Sep '21). Newbie here, in love using Roon for only two months now, and all this time I still hadn’t figured out where to spot/find the label info. Which I’m always intrigued about, and just like Dan I was expecting to find right next by where main title/artist info shows; and was puzzled about the (assumed) “absence” of it. Thanks for the useful indication. :slight_smile: :raised_hands: