Record Store Day buys and sound quality - candidates for digitizing?


I picked up several records today during RSD without having to queue up. Now I’m listening picking the best candidates for digitizing for playback with Roon for when I am not in the mood for the record playback experience

CSNY - 4 Way Street is on my to do list. Bonus tracks and great sound.

Bill Evans in England is coming on CD so I won’t do that one.

Alternative Fleetwood Mac is on CD but a nice vinyl.

I am going to digitize alternative Astral Weeks 10”

Duran Duran live in Oakland.

Pink Floyd a saucer full of secrets MONO

(Nic) #2

The Astral Weeks tracks were all on the 2015 remaster release. I haven’t done a proper A/B, but on first listen they sounded the same.

On the other hand, I bought the Dylan - Blood on the Tracks NY Sessions record on Saturday, thinking I already had it on digital (it’s very very widely bootlegged) so it was a bit of a waste. But it sounds much much better than the bootlegs. Unsurprising I guess!


I am pleased to read that you like the Bod Dylan sound. I have yet to listen to that one. (in the stack).
I guess I will just listen to the Astral Weeks CD in Roon and 10" analog only.