Recurrent system hangs in Euphony OS with Roon

So, more conclusive data.

The only think I can do to prevent system hangs is to disable Global C-state Control in the BIOS. With that off, the system is stable with no hangs in nearly two weeks. It therefore appears that this is indeed the Linux-AMD bug referred to in an earlier post.

As to why it occurs more frequently with Roon running, I don’t know. I have not tested for a longer period of time with another player, but suspect that eventually a hang would occur.

I am also uncertain if the current generation of AMD processors are affected, but I am not going to take the risk to find out.

Thanks for the updates, @Ryan_Fajardo! It’s much appreciated. If we see similar behavior in the future we should be able to identify it more quickly with this information. I’m glad things are working for you after you changed the BIOS settings as well.


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