Rediscovery features

Roon has been an absolute godsend in the way it has helped me find new music that resembles music I already liked.

Roon could do more, however, to remind me about all those great albums I found on Qobuz and added to my library on Roon’s recommendation, then never listened to again.

Here are two ways that Roon could make it easier to rediscover the music in my collection:

  1. “Albums in my library”: Any time a Roon user goes to a genre or subgenre in their library, e.g. “Jazz” or “Classical > Chamber Music”, they go to a page that gives an overview of the genre. This page, near the top, has a listing of “Albums in your library” and “Artists in your library.” The entries in these two lists almost never change, because they seem to reflect the stuff you listen to the most; I think it would be an incredibly useful feature if the listings of albums and artists changed every time you went to one of these pages, allowing less-listened material to bubble up to the user’s attention.

  2. An option to sort album listings and playlists by play count. Lots of music players have this, and hopefully Roon’s database structure is keeping track of this information. Roon really needs some way for me to quickly say, “where’s the jazz I have been ignoring recently?”

There is discovery section hidden at the bottom of the home page that’s for rediscovering albums and artists in your library. It’s great for finding stuff you forgot about.

You can already sort by most played, you can use focus to dive deeper and set it to look at a specific time frame from your library. So you set up a focus to look for jazz genre and sort by most played. Save it as a bookmark and it updates all the time to what’s been played and what hasn’t.

You can also use played in last focus and use the invest to show what’s not been played over that period.


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