Reduce EMI on NUC


I have Roon running on a NUC8I7BEH, that was based on the Roon installations guide, does any one know of a BIOS items that I can change in order to reduce EMI emissions.



You can slow it down. I don’t know of any other way to do that. If you are happy spending a little then I can thoroughly recommend the Akasa Plato case which is nice heavy gauge aluminium and will completely enclose your NUC board. Earth the case and your emissions will be zero.

Hi @Henry_McLeod,

Was aware that the Akasa box would allow me to remove the Fan, allowing the server to run silent,and for that reason it was on my todo list, but I was not aware it would also serve has a EMI absorver - Thanks for the input :smiley:

Regarding adding a ground to the Akasa box, do you know if we need to modify the box?

I would also imagin we need to make a cable for it, that would be a power cord type cable that in one hand links to the earth wall (only) and in the other woud have a spade to connect to the Akasa Box?

Think their are some foam tapes that absorve the EMI, but not shore, do you know of any and have you tested it?

Many thanks


Adding an earth would be as simple as drilling a hole and using a self tapping screw or you can use a nice ‘audiophile’ earthing point. But seriously you shouldn’t have an issue.