Reduce number of pages/clicks to obtain a function

In ‘My live radio’ page, possibility to double click in order to directly launch a radio rather than click, then got a page with the radio you have clicked, then click another time in order to listen the radio ?

Would you want this just for the My Live Radio browser? Why not for the Albums, Artists, or Composers browsers?

Agree that could a more general request, my opinion is that in the UI/GUI a lot of clicks could be avoid ?

I have said this elsewhere but we need an option for a small number of Internet Radio presets on the home page. One click and it plays.

To be clear: do you mean the My Live Radio page? And is this for all Control devices?

I think on the overview page for sure and live Radio as well. Anywhere there is room and it seems practical

I agree with this request. One you have navigated to the My Live Radio page, clicking the station icon should immediately start the radio. That was my expectation when I first explored this new feature.

Can I ask, then, why you do not expect that clicking on an Album would not immediately start the Album playing?

It seems to me that there are more options to consider from the albums page than from the My Radio Live page. You might only want to play a single track from your chosen album, for example. My Radio Live, in my mind, is a kind of radio bookmark page. All you would really do from there is click to play the station you want.

Agreed too many clicks to play a radio station.

Except that there are also options on the Station page - (often) multiple streams and the station web page, plus the station keywords. If you have a single click from the My Live Radio page, you’ll never get to see them. Therefore, I could see the rationale for a double-click (long touch) on a station on this page, but not a single click.

Yes, a long click would probably work too.

Except there ain’t no such thing as a long click in either the Windows or MacOS design worlds, AFAIK (I’m not a MacOS user). There’s a single or a double click. Roon Labs gets enough flak for having expanded on these conventions with its UI as it is :slightly_smiling_face:

A simple click could start the radio, a double click could have the current behavior !

So the complete opposite of all Windows and MacOS guidelines? I don’t think so…

Not sure Roon is compliant with Windows / MacOS guidelines, and not sur it will come compliant a day !

Actually, if you get to know it, it does a pretty good job of complying.

According to me, one (double) click should be enough to launch a radio, a play list … after that it is the job of Roon team to do that with Windows / MacOS guidelines.