Reducing bandwidth, bitrate

Is it possible to reduce bandwidth / bitrate to a Android mobile device?

Ive finally got vpn streaming working, but concerned about the amount of data im using?

I welcome really welcome your thoughts.

Other than manually downsampling, no. I believe the lowest you can downsample to is 44.1/16 without checking.

VPN usage is not officially supported so this is definitely in the realm of tinkering. However, I do think that there have been previous Feature Requests on this/similar topic. You should definitely add you voice to those threads so the devs can gauge interest.

The challenge with this is that bitrate is not the same as compression. Roon/RAAT deliberately stream PCM, uncompressed, and reducing the bitrate below 16/44 would likely be a substantial quality loss relative to transcoding and then streaming an MP3. But Roon/RAAT doesn’t stream MP3.

So really, the current Roon topography doesn’t take well to downsampling below 16/44 as it doesn’t transcode to a better compressed format than say a 16/32 bitrate in PCM, which is just generally not done. That’s one main reason any mobile solution is a huge kludge right now. If and when Roon actually supports streaming to mobile devices, it will likely have to transcode, not just stream.

Thanks James, thats exactly what i was thinking dreading… And of course transcoding goes against some very basic core values of Roon…

Will just keep an eye on my data usage, and utilise Tidal more, until Roon hopefully come up with a mobile solution.

I do begrudge renting music, btw… Especially when i have spent a lifetime collecting

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