Refresh libary and search album

Hey guys

I’m having a bit of a problem here

Where can I refresh my library after uploading to my nas?
Isn’t it possible to se the “path” from my nas in Roon? I mean if I can’t remember the album or composer name but I know that it’s stored under “various artists” on my nas… how do I find this?

If you just added it, the overview page has all new additions at the top. Otherwise you can sort albums by path in the album browser.

If you are looking for a folder explorer type view, that will never happen in Roon. They won’t add it.

In the Tracks browser, you can enable the ‘Path’ column. It will show the full path to your tracks and it can be sorted alphabetically:


I want to delete/remove tracks from my playlist but I tried and god damn… its completely deleted from my nas.

Can’t tracks be removed from playlists only?