Regarding SQ when storing music files on NAS vs USB/Internal Storage

Wanted some experienced input on whether storing your music files on a NAS and having them accessed by your Core unit makes a difference in sound quality vs having them on an internal ssd/external usb drive connected to the core.

Planned setup: NUC8i3 with ROCK OS pulling audio files from NAS

No. It does not.
There are advantages and disadvantages to either choice (NAS or internal SSD). Sound is not one of them.
I had been using my NAS as the music storage device. But when I got my Nuc I got a large internal SSD. I play all my music from that now. The response is perhaps slightly snappier in those cases where my NAS may have idled. Sound is the same.

The only real difference is that the NAS sometimes (most of the time) doesn’t communicate to Roon that there are new files, so one has to do a Force Rescan.

Not a big deal.

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I asked this of a manufacturer of a very well regarded Nucleus equivalent server recently. The response was:

  1. (best) SSD internal
  2. SSD external (very close second)
  3. USB hard drive
  4. NAS

I’ve not used a NAS yet but have used multiple incarnations of internal ssd, external ssd/hdd, server unit as core and endpoint (so essentially with and without the network involved in delivery), wifi, ethernet, multiple switches and with and without good LPSs.

So from the standpoint of not the NAS but the network needed for it causing issues. I’ve experienced repeatedly how reducing the network (and to that end components generally) as much as possible improves SQ.

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