Reinstall Issue HQPlayer on sonicTransport 7i


I had some troubles with HQPlayer on my sonicTransport 7i. I couldn’t reach the Config page and Roon couldn’t connect to my network player. The advice was: reinstall HQPlayerd.

I made a manual:

Manual for reinstalling HQPlayer on sonicTransporter and a NAA
sT= sonicTransporter
HQP= HQPlayer
NAA= in my case a MicroRendu

Remove:> Manage page sT> Apps> Software Manager> Installed Apps> HQP Server> Delete> OK

First check whether the network player (with a NAA) is set up correctly:> Manage page Network Players> Apps> App Switcher> HQP NAA> Active
and optionally HQP NAA> Restart (NAA) HQP

Install:> Manage page sT> Apps> Software Manager> Available Apps> HQP Server> Install> OK
Now the download is visible.
You can now return to the page at the bottom of the download report.
Check if you can go to the Config page:> Manage page sT> Settings> HQP Server> Click HQP Config> you should now be on the Config page
Check whether everything has been entered as you were used to (a screen print is useful).

To re-issue your license:
Look at About on the Config page at the bottom to see how it stands. If it says License: Trial, then you have to upload your License Key.
You go to Key at the bottom of the Config page> Choose file> select your License Key file and upload> wait 10 seconds and you’re done, you can go back to the Config page.
Finally, choose Apply at the bottom of the Config page.
For me HQPlayer worked as usual again.
If something is not right somewhere, I would like to hear about it and I will adjust it.

Bert Dijkstra