Relay power control for active speakers

I have a couple of HifiBerry and Ropieee installations running as Roon endpoints. They are firing active speaker like JBL control One.
As I forget most of the time to power them off, they are consuming quite some energy in standby.

I’m looking for a relay solution to automatically turn them on when playing and power them off when stopped playing.
Has anybody already built a solution?

If you are refering to the RPis, they hardly consume any energy, even when in use.
Pretty sure most people just leave them on.
My RPis are in locations that would be a pain to turn off and on, not to mention the chance of SD corruption when doing so.

OTOH, my monoblocks are in the cellar.
I use these to control them, both by voice to turn on/off and on a timer to turn off if I forget.
They’ll work with any pluggable device, RPis included.

No, I’m referring to the speakers. I’d like to turn them off when nothing playing.
Preferably I’d like to use the raspberry as commander.
Either using the pinouts or a network command to switch a IoT socket.

OK, my solution will work with the minimum fuss and no wiring of relays, but whatever works for you.

Don’t your active speakers go into standby when no signal is present?.

Unfortunately not.
The ultimate goal would be to automate the process.

I proposed something within the ropieee threads using a GPIO and a relay to control a trigger line. but you also need mane 12VDC to supply the trigger. I used a couple of power sockets wired thru a solid state relay.

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Haven’t investigated it too deeply myself, but you may be able to do something with the new “Interaction” feature in HiFiBerryOS, an Arduino and a relay.

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Will try to do this.

This remote controlled power sockets may work.

I have the same requirement - but do not use HiFiBerry, just a normal Pi with Roon Bridge installed.
As Roon now supports an auto-power-off feature, I wondered if Roon Bridge might do so as well? Just a pulse on a GPIO pin, like the way that 12V trigger works, would do it. Is Roon Bridge developed by core Roon team?

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