Release 2023.02

Hi All,

A new month, a new release!

This one is fairly modest: most significant change is support for Airplay 2 on XL.
Furthermore more (invisible) work is being done on the Odroid C-4 port, but that’s still work in progress.

Here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: support for external WiFi antenna on a Raspberry Compute Module 4
  • NEW: [XL] add support for Airplay 2
  • IMPROV: [XL] update HQPlayer NAA
  • IMPROV: update Linux kernel

Over the next 24 hours the update will show up in the web interface.

As always: enjoy and have a great weekend!

Regards Harry


B747 Jumbo RoPieee up and running… Have many thanks and a great weekend @spockfish!


What a great surprise with Airplay2!

Greatly appreciated and update was flawless and fast. Group airplay playback here I come!

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Hi Harry, will the new API be released soon? Or is it allready there but not documented yet? If you need a tester for the API, just let me know.

All that.

The new API is there because it’s already being used by RoPieee’s webpage. But it needs some documentation to be used by others.

Initial steps are planned for the next release, so stay tuned :wink:

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Oops - for me AirPlay doesnt work at all now :confused:
“Could not connect to “RoPieeexl [RoPieeeXL]”

(but I REALLY appreciate your hard work - AP2 is just cherry on top :))

You tried to stream 44.1k, while the output can only handle 48k.

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Yes. Probably I have to update Yellowtec products firmware. Anyway tested with my MF DAC and works great :slight_smile:

Hi Harry @spockfish , I was “playing” around configuration and discovered that enabling OpenHome support RoPieeeXL cannot be discovered by Linn app or Kazoo while it should … I’m pretty sure it was possible in the past
Maybe I “played” a little too hard … started from scratch with the 2023.1.1 download and waited for the last update 2023.2 … and now everything works as it should …

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I’m a little confused. I took both my identical RP4s off the beta track before this official release (I had been testing Airplay 2 connectivity). Both RP4s have now updated and both say they are at 2023.2 but they are on different versions (748 vs 729) and different kernel releases (5.15.92 vs 5.15.90). What gives?

@spockfish Hi, still “playing” a little bit … I’ve just realized that when I enable UPNP OpenHome compatibility the UPNP/AV functionality isn’t available anymore … couldn’t be both available?

Never mind…my second RP4 finally updated to 748. Not sure why there was a delay.

No it can’t. Not by RoPieee, but this is how it works for the used component.

Thanks anyway …

Still wondering though…

OpenHome is a superset of UPnP. So why would you want to have both?

Because I should like to dismiss Bubbleupnpserver and Lumïn app and use for now Linn app and maybe JPlay for iOS.
Linn app is compatible with OpenHome (of course) but not JPlay for iOS which is only compatible with Upnp/AV
Therefore if I enable OpenHome in RoPieeeXL I can use Linn app but not JPlay for iOS as enabling OpenHome in RoPieeeXL I loose UPNP/AV compatibility.
I was asking because my other renderer SOtM sms200 can have both working at the same time.

Great update. I didn’t see any 2 after Airplay…but it works with multi room so it’s there.

Hi @Stefano_Antonelli ,

I’ve been looking into this and I’m wrong: indeed RoPieee right now treats it like it’s an OR (UPnP or OpenHome), but it can be both.

I’ll change this for the next release.



That’s wonderful, thanks


Which version of the HQ Player NAA did the upgrade include?