Release date missing?

Just come across this issue. I can’t find the release date of an album on the album page - not even under the “credits” section. It shows the “original release date” next to the album, but not the release date of this version/pressing. Any help appreciated!

The automatic metadata does not always provide both dates. Check in album > Edit if the field is populated. If not, you can enter a date

Thanks Suedkiez, but I thought it would go without saying - the field is already populated.

The problem is that I can’t seem to find the “original release date” information when browsing the album, and can only see it when I edit the album.

Please post a screenshot - is this for all albums, or just a particular one? Thanks.

I see. I’m not home but IIRC the original release date is written above the album cover and the release date is on the right of the album review, if the album has a review. If the review is collapsed you may have to expand it with the arrow :arrow_down_small: below the collapsed review, which will also expand the info on the right and reveal the release date.

If this doesn’t help, please post screenshots

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Bingo! This was it, thanks! I had assumed that I didn’t have to expand the review to see the small list of metadata. @danny could this be fixed?

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Hey @extracampine ,

Can you please post a few screenshots of what the issue looks like on your end? Thanks!

Sure @noris ,

Here is the album screen for an album:

You can see that there is a year floating in space next to the album. No indication as to whether this is release year or original release year. Or even whether it’s meant to be there at all, given it’s odd position. The list of metadata on the right has no information about the year. But if I click the down arrow to expand the review, further metadata appears:

This extra metadata should really be visible without having to expand the album review.

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