Release Note Improvements

I’m talking about the change to OpenGL 3.0.

That’s fine. I’m not talking about unsupported devices.

OpenGL 3.0 has always been specified as a requirement. If you have a device that uses it but is no longer working, then open a Support thread. If you are talking about a device that does not have OpenGL 3.0 then it was never supported.

Interesting. So even though they only just moved to OpenGL 3.0 in 1.6, no other version was ever supported?

Look. Say all you want. All my request was, was to use a different color or icon in the release notes when something breaks. 1.6 did that. Knowingly. If adding a color is too tough, that says a lot about Roon.

But it did work …

3.0 may have always been required but until 1.7 my 2 Samsung TAb A tablets still worked. Now with the Open GL change they won’t even update

Admittedly when trying in the Play Store I was told that the update was not compatible with my device , I gleaned why from the release notes and a little app that identifies the Open GL version

It didn’t break anything it just didn’t load. So both these devices will no longer run Roon Remote

I use the tablets as my one size fits all device , phone ebook reader, tablet but alas no longer my Roon Remote , back to my ageing iPad …

Ironically my 2 cheap and cheerful J1 phones still work, they are really lowest spec

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OpenGL 3.0 has been a published minimum requirement to run Roon since April 2015. This requirement was neither introduced nor changed in 1.6 or 1.7.

Expecting Roon to test for devices that don’t meet published minimum requirements and then give special warnings about them is unrealistic.

Edit: I was mistaken about this. Roon 1.7 introduced a new requirement for mobile devices to have OpenGL 3.0 ES. See below.

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It absolutely changed in how they handled it and they could just have easily alerted us as we are typing these comments.

Simple users may not even know what Open GL is , it certainly wasn’t on my horizon when I looked for a tablet

It’s not high on Samsung’s published specs…

A tablet is a tablet😴

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“A tablet is a tablet”

Amen. And that’s how you do user experience.

Not at all what I suggested.

Actually, I have to apologise. Although OpenGL 3.0 has always been required for desktops, OpenGL 3.0 ES was a new requirement in 1.7 for mobile devices.

A request for greater visibility of such changes is fair. But the outcome of not upgrading is not a supported fork of Roon. Keeping an old version will eventually run into database incompatibilities.

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Yes, that’s all I was asking for. The very fact Roon had to make a post about the update to address a number of questions that were coming in, the 1.7 post you link to, I’d say the information is not as widely known or understood as Roon would hope. There’s a reason why documentation alone isn’t a best practice for disseminating important information like that.

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I’d like to add that since there is no “undo” to upgrades, sometimes it mignt be advantageous to delay an upgrade for practical reasons while solving whatever incompatibility arises. I agree with making the release notes more clear about what may no longer work, especially if it means new hardware must be purchased (which takes at least a nominal amount of time to complete).

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I was lucky having another Android option however small and an iPad and a Win 10 option

So I wasn’t left high and dry, I could quite easily have been left so

Glad to hear that, Mike. I have my core running on a Mac and access it mostly via iOS devices or my work laptop so I’m not high and dry either. When I go out and have my x7 with me it’s a disappointment not to have Roon but At least I can still access streaming via Tidal and Qobuz.

Having slept on it, I’m moving on. It is what it is. Doesn’t leave me feeling like I can trust Roon not to disable any of my devices at any time without warning, so I’m certainly not buying a Nucleus which I had been considering, but having purchased a lifetime subscription a couple of years ago I figure I’ll at least have come out even by the time anything happens with iOS or OSX compatibility.

The silver lining of it all is that frees me to consider higher end portable DAPs that can’t run Roon in the first place. Though I’ll hold off a bit to see if anything turns up around this Fiio M15 I see rumors about.

Is this why my Android tablet no longer can connect with ROON? I have been having this difficulty for a while and did contact ROON’s help forum and only was told it must be a bad WiFi connection or that my virus protection software was the culprit. I gave up on them as being of any real help to my situation since both of these issues were tested by trying to connect with my tablet while I was sitting next to my router and having turned my virus program off with no luck. I also gave it a try with turning my firewall off also. My next attempt was to removed the ROON app from my tablet thinking that somehow it may have been corrupted and re-downloaded the app again from the Google Play store, but with no luck in being able to connect with my Android Tablet. It seems that I may have to pay ROON their subscription price along with buying an Apple Tablet so I can actually use the program now. Unfortunately if all this is true, which I still am confused about, and still hope is not the case, it makes me feel as though ROON has bought into the Apple propaganda that it is the only operating system worthy of use. I am a Windows / Google oriented person who has all Android products and find that Windows, Google, Android, Fi all integrate seamlessly and are a pleasure to use, however now I seem to have to buy an iPad just for streaming.

You don’t have to buy an iPad. Just get any tablet with up to date graphics support.

OK, so I went to my Android to determine the operating system to see how old and if indeed the graphics might be an issue, and just for the heck of it I decided to try to launch ROON. Wonders be wonders it started immediately, quicker than ever and the interface looked different and the program notified me that I have not backed up my system yet, which it never did before. So now I am totally confused because for about or what seems like the last month it has been a nightmare, starting with extremely slow loads working up to no loads no matter what I did. I had tried Wednesday to load the program and it just kept search for the Core with no results to this moment when it loaded quicker than ever.

I am totally confused but happy and hope that it continues like this.

Thank you for your support.

Don’t relax too soon. If you don’t know what caused it, it can always happen again.

My experience with the Open GL 3 requirement was that as I went to the Play Store to update I got a message saying my device was not compatible with this app

I couldn’t even install it, so I assume if you managed to install it that you should be ok and your issue was not OpenGL per se