Release notes all over the place

Early access release notes tend to not link to anything - is this intentional ?

i.e, the latest ROCK goes to Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community , latest MacOS to Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community


I think so, Roon just leave the links pointing towards the production release note area.

If you’ve not spotted these, the Early Access notes are here …

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Thanks for the clarification - if I may, would someone with edit rights there (@AMP ?) consider taking a minute to possibly add that to the build number status sticky, as it might help further alleviating confusion ?

What I find confusing is the update comes out and the release notes link to pages that don’t exist, or sometimes the version released to my system is older than the release versions in the list, indicating that I don’t have the newest version, but am not being offered it. Making these sticky, or providing their own locked thread for update announcements would definitely help too as there can be quite a list of change log looking threads that are actually just bug reports.

I should also add, I’ve just gotten build 1207. However the 'read release notes; link takes me to the production builds not the early access build thread where it should. So after a moment of disorientation realising there is no 1207 in that thread I navigate to the early access thread. The first update in there is for a version newer than what I’ve gotten adding further confusion.

Sorry computer is restarting for an update, will save this and come back lol.


See my post above …

I also get an email each time a new EA build is released, which I store locally.

Hi I saw your post above, but knowing that Roon is doing something confusing doesn’t change that my experience is confusing. I figured I would add to the post, so that if the Roon guys wanted to come and read to make some improvements, they would have more information. This is an early access thread after all, where the premise is we can provide feedback so that things get better for everyone.



I’ve not been getting emails for many months now…so my usual notifications are via a TestFlight email which tells me there is a core update I missed in the last 12-48hrs @AMP

Hi @wizardofoz,

I have the alert level for the #early-access:early-access-info category setup to be “Watching”, so I don’t miss any new posts. How is it setup for you?

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Good plan…done that too.

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