Releasing Airplay on Streamers


I am using a Denon Network Audio Player (DNP-720AE) as an Airplay receiver for Roon. I have the streamer setup to sleep w/ network standby. When I play something on Roon, it wakes up and plays just as it should.

But, pausing Roon never releases the Airplay device (the player thinks music is just paused) and the player never goes to into standby on its own.

Is there a way to have Roon to “stop” playback, as opposed to just pausing? Clearing the playback queue doesn’t seem to make a difference here … there is always one song currently playing/paused.

Hi try cntl-t / cmd-t which will [terminate] stop Roon playing.

Cool… I will try that.

What do I do on my iPad?

Not sure if this will work, but try … pause followed by left track skip, it seams to make the glowing connection star disappear.

@Mike @Danny you might wish to consider a long press on the pause icon to trigger ‘stop’.

Interesting… that was what I tried with the iPad.

Wow, brilliant! We’ve been looking for a UI solution to this problem, and you guys nailed it. We’ll get this done

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