Relinking songs in Roon from Qobuz to Tidal

Hi. I recently quit Qobuz - mainly because of its flaky connectivity - and now find I have several hundred playlist songs that are no longer available.

Clicking on the album or song title simply gets a “Not found” from Roon.

With Roon’s unwillingness to permit song/album titles to be copied/pasted, this is a true PITA. Any suggestions how to make this process just a little easier?


You can use Soundiz to export your playlist to Tidal and then Tidal will send them back to Roon using Tidal links instead of Qobuz links.

I always keep three copies of my playlist. One with Tidal links, one with Qobuz links, and one local.

EDIT: I’m not totally sure this will work if you have already deleted your Qobuz account.

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Thanks Jim. I’ll give it a try.