Remarks with Albums

I like to add remarks to an Album, but can not find an easy way. For example, I listen to a Qobuz Album where the singer for each track is not identified. However, over at Amazon, that information is available. I now like to add that info to my Roon imported Qobuz Album.
Sure, I could manipulate the Album cover an reload a modified jpeg or add new, user defined, credits, but that is a bit rough. A simple remark field would be fine… Am I overlooking something?

With local content you could in principle just copy your amazon screenshots to your album folder and then they will show up in roon. You cannot do this with streamed (Qobuz/Tidal) content so there are several related feature requests, some would like to attach text, some, pdf’s, some scores, some lyrics, some additional album art work. I don’t believe any of these were ever addressed? I certainly cannot see any obvious way of doing it. There are often edits you can perform with local content but not with streamed content.

I did define new Artists and added those under “Edit - Primary Artists” to note down who performed which song on this nice CD. The Info was only available on Amazon. I guess that could be made simpler and more elegant. Some Qobuz Albums have PDFs attached. Enabling everybody to add a PDF or text to a Album would be good.

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