Remastered or Original. What is the difference and which one is better

As the topic suggests any experience regarding whats better ?

Depends upon who does the remastering. I have some remastered CDs that are terrible compared to the original releases (Elvis Costello - My Aim is True) and others that are much better. Generally downloads from HDTRacks and the NativeDSD are great, CDs can go either way.

Some remaster so are just louder, (See Loudness Wars). Hey lose all the dynamic range that brings music to life. If I want loud, I just turn it up.
Let your ears decide. If you get tired of listening to music, you have a content or system problem. IMHO

The majority of remastered for CD stuff is a loudness war thing. That said there are some nicely remastered stuff, mostly in the HD realm that Artists have made the right choices.

This website has data regarding compression, However it’s not always as simple as just looking at a single number to determine which is best.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I had bought few CDs in the past not noting if its Remastered or Original. The recording was very bad and then i re-checked the cover sheet which said Remastered. Now I also see the same on the HDTracks or Prostudiomaster and was wondering how to judge before purchasing.

Looks like we need to be lucky or simply trust the HD download sites.

I also saw another difference while i bought some on B&W Music Society.

the 196 FLAC Vs smaller sample rate recordings. I think the its indeed loudness war as the smaller sample rates sounded better for me :wink: (very personal - not opening can or worms here)

Just to Compile … I found a Link under Sony which lists other HD sites. I m sure people can add more.

this site lists (Not in order of preference)

Qobuz is one of the best (although tricky to get in the US).
Regarding the remastered question, IMHO most remastered versions of old CDs are either similar to or less good than the original. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s impossible to identify them before making your own mind after having listened to (and bought) it. So I try to refrain myself from buying remastered versions of old records unless 1) I have read many trustworthy reviews saying they truly add smth, or 2) I have had the opportunity to listen before.
Otherwise I think it better to stick to the original version, and purchase newer music recorded with high rez in mind.

that’s right. I’m told Qobuz is good. Not available from where I live.

Tidal also sells album but does not specify if they are remastered. So trusting they are original. Cost wise Tidal is cheaper than HDtrackcs. But they are 44.1khz max - CD quality.

If the album was recorded digital or analogue is a very valid question. Analogue recordings could really benify a lot if the master tapes are in ok condition.
I see no reason why to remaster a digital recording created in 16/44, unless it was a total mess to begin with or if the remastering process is done by a competent company like mobile fidelity, audio fidelity.

The remaster can often just be louder losing dynamic range in the process, so not better.
You have to judge for yourself but remastered discs often have extra material not available previously.