Remix OS ... a Roon Control Point without Windows or OSX

For those of you running Linux and wanting a desktop client for Roon there’s what looks like a pretty decent solution in the form of Remix OS. Thus far I’ve booted my laptop using a Remix OS flash drive, installed the Roon Android app on it and fired it up. I’ve got a full-blown, mouse-driven Roon Control point running…and it’s bloody fast!

I’m going to try install RemixOS in a virtual machine on my main desktop… if that works I’m grinning ear-to-ear…I hate having to reach for my Phone or a tablet when I’m sitting at my desktop, and let’s face it, editing albums in Roon via a tablet pretty much sucks.

mouse is behaving smooth? I tried with apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse. I have the remix mini.

Mouse is working perfectly. I’ve only tried wired at this juncture.

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Remix Mini makes a good little endpoint to.

here the mousepointer is a bit ‘nervous’. Settings maybe?

Hi @evand, just curious to know if you tried to load Remix OS on a VM and how it performed for you. Also did you install the Beta version via with Linux VM or using Windows 10 (then running ISO, etc etc), Thanks,

Not tried to run it in VM as yet. When I do it on Linux and load the latest beta.

I’m running Remix OS (64bit) in WMware Workstation 12 Player on Linux Mint 18. Installed Roon server on Mint and Roon Control on Remix and its working fine so far.

I didn’t try it with VMware, just with KVM-QEMU. I ended up getting it to work, but the VM was eating up alot of resources, so after several attempts with different configurations I gave up on the idea. At the time I was using an E3-1245v5 processor, so I was surprised, I guess it was the emulator. I may give VMware a shot to see

I tried Remix OS on more time using KVM. This time I tried implementing pci-passthrough of a spare NVIDIA card to the VM. That made a huge difference. I also like having Roon on a second monitor instead of just a window. I’m actually surprised that it works this well, compared to the previous experience.