Remix titles and credits from Qobuz

I don’t know if this is feedback, a bug report or a feature request but I Roon isn’t pulling remix credits from releases in Qobuz. I’ve noticed this for all recent EP’s that features remixes.

For example track 3 has 2 remixers.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 20.56.28

Track 2 should be RAM (Skee Mask Remix).

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 20.59.20

I’m not sure if Roon pulls metadata from Qobuz at all or only from other sources like MusicBrainz (it might, I just don’t know). Searching for Skee Max I have remix credits on some other albums, e.g.,

But not on the EP you linked, either. However, if I look at the EP in the Qobuz app I don’t see any credits at all, although the track title contains the remixers (though that are not credits as such). Does Qobuz have proper credits in the app at all?

Looking that this album in Roon, the “file” track title (which should be the Qobuz name as far as I know) does not contain the remixers. I thought it should, but maybe I am confused about what “File” means for Qobuz titles?