Remote access for Roon & Offline Storage

I’ve currently signed up for the Roon 14 day trial, and was wondering if there is any way I can get Remote access working on Roon (just like Plex allows me to access my DVR when away from home etc) so I can use the service on the Android headunit (It’s internet connected) of my car?

Additionally - Is there any way that I can sync tracks for “offline” storage like Spotify? I frequently travel abroad (long-haul flights) and not having my music with me offline is a dealbreaker.

Thanks in advance,

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No not currently. I use Subsonic for access to my collection remotely.

@Tony_Reimann where did you put the Subspnic? On you NAS, NUC, or computer?

I have run it in various places, usually on a linux box. If you are running roonbridge on a linux box you could try running subsonic there.