Remote Access from Outside Network

Please forgive me in advance for adding yet more one more topic to this discussion of mobile / remote access to Roon.

As I am growing more and more frustrated with the litany of solutions I must employ to enjoy my music in the way that I want to enjoy my music outside my home (Plex, Jriver, Tidal, Qobuz) all to do what ROON does at home) I decided today to have a go at connecting to my ROON ROCK NUC at home from outside the network at my shop. I’ve never really tried before and just wanted to see what would happen.

I installed a ROON Remote on my Mac Pro and as expected when it tried to scan for the core it could not find one. I clicked the “help” text and saw a screen for manually adding an IP address. I have a static IP address at home and have added port forwarding in the past for the ROCK as I had connection issues with the core over wifi from mobile devices in the past. As soon as I added the IP address for my home the Roon Remote on my Mac Pro found the Roon core and displayed everything beautifully. It was a bit of a “WOW” moment for me as I did not expect that to happen.

I went to try the same thing with my iPhone. At first, it detected Roon on the Mac Pro as they are of course on the same network at my shop. So I quit Roon on the Mac Pro and was then able to also manually specify the static IP address of the Roon Core at home. That connected instantly as well. Huzzah!

However, when I go to select an Audio Zone to play to, I can only see the devices on my home network. Hmmm. The dog will be thrilled.

Now I need suggestions. How do I add / create an Audio Zone at my shop that connects to the ROON ROCK NUC at home?

I have not tried this, just brainstorming here…
What if you set your shop network up the same way, with a static IP and port forwarding on the Mac Pro. Then connect a DAC system or endpoint by USB and then you may be able to set up an audio zone, and the two communicate back and forth by the static IPs and port forwarding?

Hi @Techru. Thank for the idea. I did as you suggested but Roon Remote with Core at home does not see Roon Remote at work. So Mac Pro at work is not an Audio Zone - yet! I’ll leave the port forwarding on though as I think it could be useful.

In “Roon Remote” -> “Setup” on home machine there is a place to add an ip address for a HQ Player. Might it be possible to add the ip address for a HQ Player running at my shop (if I were to get one)?

Roon does not officially support remote access. It requires all devices to be in the same sub-net.