Remote access of Roon Core


I’m unable to access Core on my QNAP remotely from iPad, iPhone or Mac, it was previously working fine, (had not used system in a few weeks).

I am able to access the music library from my Sooloos Control:15, but my Roon remote devices can not find Roon core.

I have checked IP addresses and they appear to be ok. I have performed multiple reboots. The QNAP is hard wired to a TP-Link that is directly connected with an ethernet cable.

Hi Jeff,
Did you change anything on your QNAP (an update of the QNAP OS (QTS) for example)?
What version of the qpkg are you using? Can you think of anything else that changed since it stopped working?

I have not changed anything. The one possibility is the system upgrade to the iPad. I have you heard of that as an issue?