Remote access to Nucleus

Hi all.
I have two houses (I know, I know. First world problems and all), and have my digital library on a Nucleus as the core in one. It’s connected to the home network/internet, and to a Devialet Expert Pro to drive the speakers.

In the other place, I currently have a static copy of the music db on a Bluesound Vault, again connected to a home network/internet and Devialet amp/speakers, but I’d rather access the Roon Core/Nucleus from there if possible.

When I look to do so via the Roon app, it can’t find the core, presumably because it’s on a different, remote network. The question is, is this possible to do, and if so, how.

And as a supplementary question: Roon is able to turn on the amp in house 1. Would it be able to turn on the remote amp in house 2? Or would it turn on the amp in house 1, even though it was accessed remotely? (If so, that would be messy…)

Anyone out there accessing their Roon core / Nucleus from two locations might be able to help…

Look in the tinkering section here, many people have vpn access worked out.

Hi Ged.
Thanks for the feedback, but your “here” wasn’t a link, and I can’t find anything in Tinkering that actually offers a solution. One post by Nepherte had a promising link in it, but it was a 404…
Do you have any specifics you can link me to?

Type vpn into the forum search