Remote app for Android Tablet: Landscape & portrait

I’m very new to Roon and am about to get a tablet. The question is, is the Android version compatible with both landscape and portrait mode? I understand it’s not an issue on iPads but would prefer to get an android tablet. Compatibility with the Roon app will be a decisive factor.

It is an issue on pretty much all pads except the big iPad Pros. I had a smaller Android tablet I ditched as a remote because it would only display Roon in portrait mode. After a recent update it now displays in landscape just fine but for the vast majority it is either, not both.

It might be possible to get it in landscape via settings-appearance. As a matter of fact I discovered this when I asked Support about it.

I set the Appearance to small. Then Roon switches to landscape mode. When I choose Medium it is in portait mode.
I don’t knwo however if these settings are the same as on your device. I have an Huawei Media Pad and the Android version is 7.0