Remote connection issues with iPhone 7 and Gigabyte GB-BKi7-7500

Try disabling the 5GHz radio in the Nighthawk and see if that helps. I’ve seen issues (especially with Netgear) where iOS devices bounce back and forth between the two frequencies. I’ve also seen another odd issue (twice) where connection of an iOS device running Roon Remote to the 5GHz channel caused the 5GHz net to crash.

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Agreed - I replaced my Netgear router with a Ruckus, much more stable and better optionality with configuration across the bands. It did not affect my roon / remote setup but was terrible dealing HD Video streaming!

Disabling 5Ghz is not the answer here. I have had problems before with the Netgear. Things like the Netgear Genie App not seeing all connections in my network, so I decided to order an Asus RT-AC5300. That should be the best around. So let’s see if that is the answer.

It arrives today. As soon as it is configured I will let you know if this was the answer.

Thank you all for the help until now!


Hi all,

Problem solved :blush:

The new router is the solution!

Anyone need a nice Netgear? :joy:

Thanks for the help! Time to enjoy Roon now!