Remote Connections to Windows 10 core

I am using a MacBook Pro running Yosemite as the remote. Since I began using Windows 10 for the core, the Mac has trouble holding on to the connection. It seems to drop the connection and reconnects quite often. The WiFi connections for both computers are maximum strength. No firewall on the Windows 10 core.

Hey Mercman, I had some questions

I seem to get from your comment that the only thing which has changed between a system that had been working to now is that you changed the OS on the Roon core from XXXX to Windows 10? Is that correct, if so, then What was the previous version of windows you were using and how did you do the upgrade, in place or a fresh OS load?

I updated Windows 8.1 to 10 Home. It was not a fresh install.

Anyway, as with any Windows upgrade, drivers have been an issue for me, usually video. I would suggest seeing if Windows 10 drivers are available from the hardware manufacturer. For motherboards, that would be the motherboard or computer manufacturer. But, if you know that actual Wifi chipset in your machine, (Intel, Atheros are two common ones used) you could look at their websites as well.

If you want some extra help, just PM the make and model of your machine and I"ll see if I can help find that information for you.

Thanks for your kind offer Daniel.

I did update the Bios, video driver, and 2 other drivers specific to the Asus G501 JW laptop. The computer is a new model, so these updates were easy to access.

I have tried numerous network settings in Windows 10 with no success for the MacBook Pro to connect reliably to Core. It drops connection.

In my case the remote was “in place” upgraded to Windows 10 and it will no longer connect to the original core on 8.1

I wonder if the issue goes away once the core machine is upgraded? I’m assuming Roon has tested on 10.

Fixed my issue, Windows 10 turns off network discovery by default. Re-enabling it resolved my issue.

It’s not Windows 10, only. It’s a standard security Windows setting.