Remote control for Phones (not just tablets) [Released in Roon 1.2]


Do you have a plan to release a simpler iPhone app (not only iPad app) ?

My iPhone is always in my pocket and despite rich graphics available when using iPad I would prefer to use my iPhone instead.

Thank you !


Simply as a means of controlling the music playing - a definite yes!

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We’re working on a smaller interface for phones and small tablets – if you’ve used Roon on a 7" Android tablet, you know why :slight_smile:

This is still in the design phase so no timelines yet, but we’ll post more updates as soon as we can. It’s coming!


It’ll require a complete re-imagining of the user interface, I suspect. Perhaps more emphasis on searching and text lists, rather than the graphically-based Roon we know from our computers.

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Initially just a few controls would be a huge convenience. Volume, play/pause/forward/back, and transfer play queue.

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Will iphone be supported?

I’d add to Ludwig’ view, in addition to stop start pause fwd back, maybe just a thumb up or down if you like something playing at that time or not.

Often set the radio of a focus and need to hit the “oh no not that” button to skip on…

Mike please include the ability to have local media playback. Roon can replace the iPod/iPhone Music playback.

Do you plan to build a remote for iPhone or at least iPad mini?
Will you support Windows 10 devices at some point ? (phones)

Hi David,

I moved your post into this existing topic, have a read of @Ludwig Mike’s comments about supporting phone devices.

The iPad Mini’s hardware does not support Roon however the iPad Mini 2, that supports OpenGL ES 3.0 support will run Roon. See Feedback on iOS Hardware Requirements


+1 for iPhone app. For me basic functionality would be more than enough, with that I mean basic playback and limited functionality. I don’t need an iOS app for editing my library.

A simple transport style app for iPhone is not on the list for development. An iPhone app with a reduced scale UI is under development. It will include control but there has not been any announcement about editing etc. So far Roon has tried to deliver the same user experience to all supported platforms.

+1 for very basic track forward/back and volume up/down controls for iPhone while you develop the more fully featured app. It would make sitting here recovering from surgery that much easier!

I’d love to see a full player for when on the move. Have the server at home do the work. Plex already does this for free … This is the way forward and I truly hope Roon will take that direction. Transcode to whatever audio format the device supports natively (AIFF,ALAC in the case of the iPhone).

Now we are only able to play our music on the home network… this is not flexible at all. Having paid 400+ euro for this software I expect nothing short of cutting edge… Come on Roon be all you can be!


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It is essential that a iPhone is made!
I can’t run around with my iPad in my house!
How long do we have to wait for a simple iPhone app?

Roon Phone has been my main project for the last handful of weeks. So rest assured, it’s coming.


Hi Brian,

That’s excellent news! Will this app be a remote only or also a player???


We’re absolutely thinking about these “on the go” cases, but we don’t have anything to announce in that area quite yet. For now, this will be a new version of Roon Remote that will work on supported phones.

More details soon!

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Two weeks later. Any updates? Pre-Christmas release??

I Dont wish to purchase an ipad simply to have a remote control for the roon. Not having the ability to use my iphone as a remote will stop me going further than the 14 day trial.

Am currently using audirvana and its iphone remote so will likely continue using this until you get a remote working on iphone.