Remote control from web

Hi, soon or later I will find the courage and subscribe a lifetime account… I am still a bit holding mainly for financial reasons.
I have a question… Is it possible to control Roon from a web page? I mean connecting to the iP address where roon server is installed and controlling without install any application.
I own a Surface RT where I cannot install exe apps and there is no Roon app for Microsoft Store.


Team Viewer?

Limited but works:

Can’t you install the full Roon application on your surface and set it up as a remote only?

Unfortunately it is not possible to install any .exe program on the Microsoft RT OS.

It seems that I will have to consider another tablet…

Can you explain why you don’t use the machine where your Roon server is as a controller ?

Can your Ms. RT Surface OS run RDT ?

Why can’t you use your phone or tablet (iOS or Android) as controller?