Remote control of Spotify, Airplay possible?

Before I order either the FLICK or OSMC remote control options, I would like to understand how much we can control with them.
I get that they work using a plugin for Roon. Great.
However, my wife would prefer to use either Spotify Connect or Airplay (2) for our kitchen speakers, and a remote on the kitchen counter for “Stop”, “next track” and volume up/down will be super beneficial.
Is this possible in any way using Ropieee? Do I need to use a HAT to enable this?
Or is the remote-control features 100% exclusively for the Roon extension?

Thank you!

I just tried listening to Spotify with ropieee. Seems like the OSMC remote (which works fine with Roon) does not work at all with Spotify. Disappointing.