Remote IOS, Laptop and Tablet "CONNECTING FAILED" Solution

Maybe you guys know this, but I was confounded for a bit. I run two similar Roon setups
Win10 Desktop Main Roon with MAC Laptop, iphone, ipad and Fire Tablet. One location works OK
The other kept saying Connecting failed.

I finally contacted my IT guru and he immediately diagnosed it as a Win10 Desktop firewall issue. I was not as simple as adding Roon to McAffee list. He spent 30 minutes, and I could not tell you exactly what he did, but all controllers connect!

Yes, that’s known and documented in Roon’s knowledge base and forum.
Related info to be found here and here and here, and even more, if you cared to search for it.
And there are numerous instructions online, that show how to add a Windows firewall exception - one example being here.

You might even consider to browse around the knowledge base and help center to find out even more valuable info regarding Roon’s intricacies…

But first and foremost - enjoy your music and have fun discovering new material…

Windows sucks for this king of issue…and when you do windows updates it sometimes wipes out the allowed apps and blocks them again.

Never happened to me in 23 months of use while applying all updates as offered…

Previously when I searched the words Connecting failed nothing came up. Thx

Sorry Bruce, revisiting my earlier post, I come across quite snotty - please accept my apology, didn’t really mean it that way!