Remote Tablet Text Problems

I am running Roon Remote on a Sony Xperia TableZ1 running Android 5.1.1 and have a text display problem. This usually, but not always occurs after viewing YouTube videos on the tablet. The displayed text is blocky and not legible. If I reboot the tablet and restart Roon on the tablet, the text displays perfectly. Any ideas?

This happens when the device is low on the available graphics memory.

I can only assume YouTube (on some other app) is not releasing the memory it was using.

Have you tried just shuting down the other apps, rather than rebooting the device?

You might also adjust the video memory setting in Roon. Might help…YMMV

I can clear the YouTube app cache in the Android OS settings and that fixes the problem without a tablet restart. I wonder if this is an Android problem that is fixed in a newer OS version.

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I’m not an Android user, but it could be … are you able to run a later OS version?

Not unless I root my tablet and manually install a newer version. I am looking into it.